[Part-time] Data Science Mentor

Salary: Negotiable


Team: Academics

Application deadline: 13/10 — 12/11/2023

Job Description

"A mentor’s job is not to teach the material and inform. It’s simply to show new developers how to learn, encourage good habits, and act as a supportive peer."

1. What You’ll Do

1. Showing new developers how to learn
2. Encouraging good habits
3. Acting as a supportive peer
Additionally, if we had to add some tips:
  1. Help show how you debug - most people starting to learn coding for the first time think that software engineers never make mistakes. You and I both know that we spend 90%+ of our time debugging and fixing stupid mistakes.
  2. Talk out loud - as you‘re working through a problem, try to talk as much as possible. The more you talk, the more the learner can understand your thought process. The journey to the solution is more important than the solution.
  3. Share stuff about your job - our learners are, for the most part, really curious about what your job is like. If you have any good work stories then please go ahead and share!
2. Requirements:
Tech Stack
  • Has working experience with Data (DA, DS is preferred)
  • Experience with SQL/BigQuery, Python, Pandas, Seaborn, Matplotlib
  • Familiar with data visualization tool such as Tableau (preferred) or PowerBI / Google Data Studio
  • Familiar with Traditional Machine Learning (Linear/Logistic Regression, KNN, KMeans, Decision Tree)

3. Mentor skill

  • Caring. You will help students changing their career path.
  • Communication skill. You will talk to student every week, in about 6 months.
  • Patience. New learners may have many questions. Everything look new to them.

4. What CoderSchool Offers

- Talented, supportive, driven colleagues that are all focused on one thing - getting work done and delivering great educational experiences to our students.

- Experience working at a venture-backed, rapidly growing startup, backed by one of the leading regional VC firms and executives from Google, Netflix, Amazon, Traveloka, and more.

- A chance to spend the precious hours of your life working on something that makes a meaningful difference for a lot of people. 

- Chances for career growth in both managerial and non-managerial roles. We‘re always adding people to the team.

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