Data Translator Intern

Salary: Negotiable


Team: Academics

Application deadline: 13/04 — 01/06/2023

Job Description

About the Role

Your job will be working with CEOs and Department Leads to answer the questions that we are sometimes afraid to ask, and ideally, pose follow-ups on your own. Examples of questions:

  • Which of our course “units” has the highest attrition?
  • What do our “best-performing” learners look like? What patterns/trends do you see?
  • Which of our course units has the highest fluctuation in time to complete?
  • How well do our different acquisition channels perform, relative to customer success - meaning, do people who come via Google graduate better or worse than Facebook or TikTok?
  • Does the gender of the mentor have any effect on learner outcomes?
  • How much did Feature make an impact on ?


  • Passion for learning new things. We’re an education company; please expect to discuss something new you’ve learned and why it made you excited to learn it.
  • Open, flexible mindset: these questions are going to jump all over the place. Lots of it will be hard to track down. I cannot promise you this job will be fun all the time. I can, however, promise you that the insights you pull and the impact you have will always be fun as hell.

Skills you should have:

  • Excel is a near-must; SQL and Python are nice-to-have. You’ll eventually need to learn SQL and Python, but we can train you on these things.
  • Data Visualization: Tableau or Looker Studio is a nice-to-have. Communicating information effectively is one of the key things when it comes to this role.

What we offer you (benefits)

  • Experience working at a venture-backed, growing startup, backed by one of the leading regional VC firms and executives from Google, Netflix, Amazon, Traveloka, and more. Senior CoderSchool management has prior experience at Apple, POPS Worldwide, Fulbright University, and LINE Corp.
  • Talented, supportive, driven colleagues that are all focused on one thing - getting work done and delivering great educational experiences to our learners. No drama for your mama!
  • English-speaking, international work environment, with an average age of 27.69 (as of Apr 2023).
  • Monthly party budget, fun company trips and activities that you’ll actually enjoy
  • We try not to have too many meetings
  • Quarterly hair color allowance (based on color)
  • A chance to spend precious hours of your life working on something that makes
    a meaningful difference for a lot of people.

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