Operation/Delivery Manager (Edutech Industry)

Salary: Negotiable


Team: Operations

Application deadline: 06/02 — 16/03/2023

Job Description

One of the core problems of education is maintaining quality while increasing scale.

At CoderSchool, we aim to fulfill our company vision of bringing opportunity to everyone, everywhere, by bringing the best mentors together with the best curriculum, designed to be “multiplayer” and collaborative from the ground up.

Coding isn’t hard, learning to code is hard - but so is teaching it. We are going to train the next 100,000 developers by empowering the next 10,000 mentors to help them learn, stay motivated, and get a life-changing new career.

As the Ops Manager, you will be responsible for helping to ensure that each and every student and mentor at CoderSchool has a consistently great experience. You’re going to help us grow from 100 mentors and 350 learners to way, way more than that.

Things you’ll probably be doing:

  • Clarifying metrics and how we calculate them. We have a lot of goals and a lot of data. Sometimes this data lives in a personal google sheet, sometimes it lives in someone’s head. You need to build the processes that bring the goals and data together so we can make transparent, informed decisions, that the whole company can understand and feel great about.
    • There are key metrics but: retention rate, user engagement, graduation rate, and mentor quality are among the top-level metrics for this role that focus on product operations.
    • Ideally, these improvements could also be made throughout the company - you’d be able to help track every learner from the first ad they click to the last job they have.
  • Designing our product for extreme scale. While we do have a product team you’ll be working closely with, you’ll be an integral part of making sure that whatever we do for 1, we can do for 100,000.
    • Currently, this includes coordinating and scheduling weekly sessions between mentors and learners and tracking attendance, mentor satisfaction, and learner satisfaction.
    • Soon, this will mean supporting new product features like optimal scheduling of live sessions, group sessions, buddy sessions, VR metaverse blockchain sessions, or whatever we discover our learners need (probably not the last one).
  • Building a career placement process that maintains our “job guarantee”. One of the biggest selling points for CoderSchool is that we get our learners jobs. The goal is to design a process that both gives some fish, but also helps teach our learners to fish.
    • Building partnerships with companies to help facilitate placements
    • Building the right check-in schedule, and accompanying materials to support our learners at every step of the way
    • Dealing with exceptions
  • Bringing our operations overseas. Once we hit our metrics in Vietnam, there’s nothing stopping us from expanding worldwide. Except for operations.
  • Other job duties as necessary. Not just a throwaway line, this job probably will change a lot, if we’re doing things right.

Skills, you probably have:

  • Experiences in managing and operating school/training centers’ programs
  • Excellent communication, presentation, and leadership skills
  • Great organizational and time management skills
  • Sharp analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Super proficient in GSuite, MS Office 365, Google Data Studio/Tableau/PowerBI, and other office productivity tools
  • Great attention to detail
  • Good at speaking and writing in both Vietnamese and English
  • A great team player who’s always willing to collaborate cross-functionally with other teams to deliver a common goal
  • Good coding skills is a plus

Things you surely receive:

  • A chance to spend precious hours of your life working on something that makes a meaningful difference for a lot of people. 
  • Flexible work-from-home policy. We’re not fully remote because we find it harder to collaborate, but we allow you to work from home whenever it makes you more productive.
  • Competitive salary package & other perks
  • Free classes at CoderSchool - come experience the product that you‘ll be part of creating!
  • We not only pay for online courses, but we also give you bonuses to do so. We take learning seriously!




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