Fullstack Engineer

Salary: Negotiable


Team: Academics

Application deadline: 04/03 — 30/04/2023

Job Description

CoderSchool is building the best and most scalable coding school in the world.

Our engineering team builds software to help us serve more customers. As a member of the team, you’ll directly impact students, teachers, and everyone in between by making education more efficient, more effective, and more fun. You will see your software help people every day.

We are hiring multiple roles, both manager and non-manager.

What You’ll Do

  • Write software (preferably JavaScript/TypeScript) to help thousands to millions of people learn more effectively.
  • Be involved end-to-end; from design + requirements to deployment and maintenance.

Specific Projects You Might Work On

  • Automatic Assignment Grading - instantaneous automatic feedback to students on code ranging from HTML to complex React apps
  • DSL for bootstrapping starter code - defining ways to automatically document and generate the steps in setting up assignments
  • Seamless live feedback - just finish watching a video? Instantaneous automatic feedback (see a trend?) from a human to make “pre-recorded” feel like “live”
  • Student Progress Dashboards - helping students visualize their progress in the course
  • Student Feedback Collection - implementing both manual and automatic ways to get feedback from our students on the various components of our learning platform

Our Engineering Culture

  • We believe that it’s better to have code that solves 10% of the problem, 100% of the time, rather than the other way around.

  • We believe in starting with a skateboard.

  • We believe small, determined teams can change the world. Our founder, Charles, originally an engineer himself, is most inspired by engineer-to-user ratios like WhatsApp:

    When the company was acquired by Facebook, it had 35 engineers and reached more than 450 million users.

  • We believe good software is measured first by how much value it delivers to the user, and then by how easy it is for your teammates to understand and modify.

  • When in doubt, code. The wrong code is generally better than no code.

  • Arguing is healthy. Stubbornness is not.

What We’re Looking For

  • Responsibility and Ownership: You’ll have a key role in our software and our team. You’re responsible for not only shipping code, but making sure it works, and works well.
  • Curiosity and Open-Mindedness: There’s always a better way to do things. One of our key company values is “Always Learning”, and you’ll need to receive and create feedback to improve yourself, your teammates, and your product.
  • Practicality and Quickness: We have some very big and ambitious goals. These goals are made up of many small, fast goals. You must be able to crush small goals quickly and consistently in order for us to hit our big goals.

Tech Stack

  • Languages: TypeScript, JavaScript
  • Database: MongoDB
  • Backend: Express/Node
  • Hosting: Google Cloud Platform, Computes + Cloud Functions

By no means are we stubborn about our language choice - as stated above, what matters most is user impact, and then teamwork. If you think we’d be better off writing Golang + RDS on AWS, go for it - as long as it’s practical and quick.

We chose MERN initially because it’s what we teach in our courses, but we’re open to anything. Except PHP.


  • 3-5 years experience shipping software products. Please expect to discuss some software you built, and the challenges you overcame building it. Number of years is not a “hard” requirement; experience shipping software products is.
  • Passion for learning new things. We’re an education company; please expect to discuss something new you’ve learned and why it made you excited to learn it.
  • For management roles: experience and talent in cultivating others.

What we offer you (benefits):

  • Attractive salary package and career development
  • Annual performance review
  • 13th-month salary
  • Full salary for Social Insurance
  • Flexible days off
  • Christmas holiday (24,25/12)
  • Free classes at Coder School
  • International, young working environment
  • Awesome company trips, team buildings, parties, and other great activities.
  • Monthly motorbike parking
  • Talented, supportive, driven colleagues that are all focused on one thing - getting work done and delivering great educational experiences to our learners.
  • Experience working at a venture-backed, rapidly growing startup, backed by one of the leading regional VC firms and executives from Google, Netflix, Amazon, Traveloka, and more. Senior CoderSchool management has prior experience at Apple, POPS Worldwide, Fulbright University, and LINE Corp.
  • A chance to spend precious hours of your life working on something that makes a meaningful difference for a lot of people.
  • Chances for career growth in both managerial and non-managerial roles. We‘re always adding people to the team.

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